Goalkeeper back to basics

Get your goalkeepers

Set Up:

Set up an area 20×15 yards with two rows of cones at the top end and two four-yard goals at the bottom end. We’ve used six players in this session. You need plenty of balls and cones.

How to Do It:

Split your players so you have two servers, two working keepers and two static keepers in the bottom goals. The servers pass in to the working keepers with three different handling situations: low ball, midriff ball, and overhead ball. Once the keeper has taken all three balls they try and beat the keeper in the goal by rolling the ball along the floor. Players return to their positions and the middle working keepers swap places by running through the cones – make sure you swap after each set of throws.

  1. The server plays a ball into the keeper’s midriff – he must catch the ball and hold on to it.
  2. This time the server plays a low ball into the keeper – there should be three different types of serve.
  3. Now the keeper must try and roll the ball at pace past the bottom goalie.
  4. Once they have rolled the ball, they should swap sides by running through the cones.
  5. The server should throw a high ball timed to meet the goalkeeper as he comes off the last cone
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