These are feelings often shared by parents when inquiring about goalkeeper training. In fact, most parents initially feel as though their child getting shot on during team training sessions should be enough to learn and grow in the position however, that is simply not the case.

The skill set and technique required of a goalkeeper is entirely different than field players. While there are some shared components, goalkeeping is unique. Telling your child to “go play in goal” while the field players shoot on goal might seem like it’s helping both field players and keepers, the real purpose is to help the field player improve shooting. It is not actually helping the your child learn and reinforce proper technique and positioning for saving those shots.

Professional clubs have their own goalkeeper coach working with keepers. The majority of the time they train separately and then bring them into small sided situations and game scenarios to reinforce training. However, most local clubs don’t have that luxury.

Goalkeeper training with Advantage Goalkeeping is specific, concentrated, and focused on the skills necessary for a goalkeeper to be successful with any club. Repetition is a key element as well as realistic games situations. Combined, they boost confidence and determination.

Picture a typical team practice in your mind. How many successful, realistic repetitions will the keeper face? With players attempting to score with each opportunity, the keeper may only get touches on a quarter of balls they would be getting with goalkeeper focused training.

Advantage Goalkeeping provides the environment to help the goalkeeper grow – in confidence and skill in a year-round program designed for keepers, by keepers.

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